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Serenade Natural Products @ {3:17} Vintage


Colette Tupy @ Serenade Natural Products

Tell us a little about yourself...

I grew up in the city of St Paul, but somehow ended up living where the pavement ends and the corn begins in a small town called Elko New Market.  It's really just minutes south of Burnsville and a little west of Lakeville.  We live on 14 acres.  My husband of 16 years and I have 5 kids, our youngest just started kindergarten and our oldest just started driving. 

We have 2 dogs (a sweet dobbie named Opal & a playful one named Lacy), a handful of ducks, and about 20 or chickens.  We garden and can like crazy, we have farm fresh eggs,  and do our best to eat fresh, natural foods. 

Another fun fact about our family is that we own a hot air balloon called "Kaleidoscope".  We fly from our yard sometimes just for fun.  3 of our 5 kids have been up in the balloon so far.  We offer private rides and participate in some ballooning events around the metro.  So look to the skies and you just may see us! 

How did you get into soaping?

I began making all natural soap for my family. As you can imagine we go through a lot of it. I was looking for a creative outlet, something to call my own..... and so the soaping began.  Soon after, as I started selling at local craft fairs and markets, I began making natural lip balms, lotions, body butters, bath salts and soy candles. 

I found that many of these products could be made without all the nasty chemicals, petroleum products and cheap fillers the large manufactures use.  Quickly I realized that I could make a far superior product that many people would love to use.  I grew up in a family with 5 sisters, so I'm all about the girly girl fragrances and simple pampering luxuries. 
 I hope my products provide just a little joy for those who use them.  Some three almost four years later, I'm here perfecting my recipes and creating new ones, learning new ways to expand my business and gaining repeat customers.  

What is something most people might not know about you?
Well I feel a little bit famous... In  2014 my sister, Connie Stephany, published her first book.  She is currently in the information technology field, but dreams of becoming a full time writer.   Her book "Second Chances" is a flirty, fun, fiction about a girl named  Abby who "A year after being dumped on her wedding day.....was still wondering what had gone wrong." "She unexpectedly runs into an old crush and now must decide...which man deserves a second chance?"  Connie has always been one of Serenade's best customers.  We always joke that she is my Northern sales rep for Serenade.  Whenever she has a chance, she shares how she loves my soaps and soy candles.  Well...in her book, and I quote " She used her favorite soap, which smelled like freshly picked lilacs.  She had found it at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, and continued to buy it online from the seller's website www.serenadeproducts.com. " "Serenade Products was the best, with hand-made, all natural merchandise." In her e-book there is even a live link to my website.  A complete surprise to me for which I am very grateful!  Connie lives in Zimmerman, Minnesota with her loving husband and 3 kids.  Connie's book, "Second Chances" can be purchased through her FB page (link below).


 Where can people find Serenade Natural Products?


{3:17} Vintage Furniture & Home D├ęcor (Afton, MN)

Carver Junk Company (Carver, MN)

Eclectic 887 (West St. Paul, MN)

Grace & Co. (Mpls, MN)

Scout (Mpls, MN)

doodlebird Design & Gifts (Mpls, MN)

The Hair Mate Salon (Prior Lake, MN)

Spark Wellness Center (Mpls, MN)

Paeonia Floral (Robbinsdale, MN)

"Second Chances" A Novel By Connie Stephany

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