Wednesday, January 21, 2015

G Designs @ {3:17} Vintage


Angela Rowe @ G Designs


So... Tell us a little about yourself...

"I'm from the south (GA). Moved to MN 3 years only temporarily, but we fell in love so we moved up here permanently 1 year ago. I have an incredibly supportive husband who also is a very strict CFO! We have 3 beautiful children, Joey Love (9), Lucas 7), and Houston (5). And the most wonderful Bernese Mountain Dog, OLIVER (besides our late Newfoundland, who was truly a gentle giant)."

"Our family loves the outdoors. We spend time snow skiing in the winter and camping and Dirt-biking in the summer along with motocross racing with our 7 year old son. We are a family that is pretty much up for trying anything, especially if there is adrenaline involved!"

How did you get into this? 

"G Designs just started in October 2014, but I've been crocheting for 17 years
I started crocheting during my time at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX. I'm a recreation therapist and had patients on maternity bed rest. So to help them pass the time I taught them how to crochet baby blankets. I enjoyed it, so kept it up starting with baby blankets, baby clothes, hats and now getting into more of the fashion statement pieces.

How would you best describe your style?

"I am not really able to describe my style, but I've been told that it is BOHO CHIC!"

Do you have any "go to" colors?

"Not really!  I like to experiment with different colors and textures."

Where else can people find you?

{3:17} Vintage Furniture & Home Decor (Afton, MN)

Just for fun...what's the first word that pops into your head?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Vintage Soul @ {3:17} Vintage


Jill Paulson @ Vintage Soul 



What are 5 things people may not know about you?

1.  "I LOVE warm weather, the beach, the sun... so living in Minnesota can be 'trying'!"
2.  "I once won an essay contest where I got to run with the Olympic torch in Italy!" 
3.  "I was on stage with Sting and shared a microphone with him singing Message in a Bottle.  I like to sing karaoke... but this was a highlight of my life!"
4.  "I enjoy volunteering with local dog rescue groups"
5.  I took control of my life about 5 years ago and decided I couldn't be "unhealthy" anymore.  I started working out and have lost and kept off 65 lbs for for years now.  I still LOVE to eat... I grew up in Northern MN where food rules so, although no food is off limits for me... I just learned to enjoy less of it.  My favorite food is pizza and coconut cream pie is my favorite dessert.  Oh...and I LOVE Lutefisk!  I am Norwegian after all."
 How long have you been doing this?

"About 3 1/2 years now"

 How did you get into this?

 "After getting laid of from a corporate job... I needed to think outside the box and find a new job where I could be creative.  I love shopping and was starting to see "re-purposed" items more and more.  I took a class on painting to see if I liked it and... that's it... I was hooked"

 How would you best describe your style?

"Beachy, cottage, simple, clean"

Do you have any "go to" colors?

"Blue!  You know... the color of the ocean!"

Is there a favorite piece or transformation you've done? 

"My favorite transformations are the ones where I can use reclaimed barnwood and build a beautiful new top for a piece that would have otherwise been thrown away.  Whether it be for a dresser, accent tables, or pieces that just need a little 'love'... my go to person is my husband who owns his own business ( ).  He does all the things I can't do or don't want to do like using a saw, reinforcing pieces, etc... "

Where can people find you?

{3:17} Vintage Furniture & Home Decor (Afton, MN)

And... just for fun... What's the first word that pops into your head? 

"Beach!  (because it -5 degrees right now) but my other word would be 'grateful.'  I am thankful to be a part of {3:17} and for all the customers who have liked what I do and have supported me along my journey."


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hats By Jules @ {3:17} Vintage


Julie Peck @ Hats By Jules

Tell us a little about yourself...

"Most of my childhood and teen years were spent in France where my parents are still serving as missionaries.  I grew up going to French public schools and I loved it!  I am so thankful that my parents raised me in a Christian home and showed me that that the most important thing in life is to love and serve the Lord... no matter where He leads you!"
"I attended high school at a Christian boarding school in Germany and graduated in the same class as my husband.  I just didn't know that he would become my husband until 10 years later!"

"For the most part, we are a well-behaved family...until we start playing Dutch Blitz!"

How long have you been doing this?

"2 Months!"

How did you get into making hats?

"After my Husband and I moved to MN three months ago, I had a hard time finding a job.  So... my husband encouraged me to open a shop on Etsy and give it a shot!"

Do you have a "go to" color?

"I tend to gravitate toward grey-ish and white but I definitely don't limit myself to those."

What do you like to do when your not making hats?

"Some of my favorite things are spending time with my husband, traveling, being outdoors (except in -10 degrees), playing piano, and...experimenting in the kitchen!"

What's a weird little fun fact about you?

"One time I sat on a live Crocodile!  Does that count?"

Where all can people find your hats?

{3:17} Vintage Furniture & Home Décor (Afton, MN)

Just for fun... What's the first word that pops into your head?


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Serenade Natural Products @ {3:17} Vintage


Colette Tupy @ Serenade Natural Products

Tell us a little about yourself...

I grew up in the city of St Paul, but somehow ended up living where the pavement ends and the corn begins in a small town called Elko New Market.  It's really just minutes south of Burnsville and a little west of Lakeville.  We live on 14 acres.  My husband of 16 years and I have 5 kids, our youngest just started kindergarten and our oldest just started driving. 

We have 2 dogs (a sweet dobbie named Opal & a playful one named Lacy), a handful of ducks, and about 20 or chickens.  We garden and can like crazy, we have farm fresh eggs,  and do our best to eat fresh, natural foods. 

Another fun fact about our family is that we own a hot air balloon called "Kaleidoscope".  We fly from our yard sometimes just for fun.  3 of our 5 kids have been up in the balloon so far.  We offer private rides and participate in some ballooning events around the metro.  So look to the skies and you just may see us! 

How did you get into soaping?

I began making all natural soap for my family. As you can imagine we go through a lot of it. I was looking for a creative outlet, something to call my own..... and so the soaping began.  Soon after, as I started selling at local craft fairs and markets, I began making natural lip balms, lotions, body butters, bath salts and soy candles. 

I found that many of these products could be made without all the nasty chemicals, petroleum products and cheap fillers the large manufactures use.  Quickly I realized that I could make a far superior product that many people would love to use.  I grew up in a family with 5 sisters, so I'm all about the girly girl fragrances and simple pampering luxuries. 
 I hope my products provide just a little joy for those who use them.  Some three almost four years later, I'm here perfecting my recipes and creating new ones, learning new ways to expand my business and gaining repeat customers.  

What is something most people might not know about you?
Well I feel a little bit famous... In  2014 my sister, Connie Stephany, published her first book.  She is currently in the information technology field, but dreams of becoming a full time writer.   Her book "Second Chances" is a flirty, fun, fiction about a girl named  Abby who "A year after being dumped on her wedding day.....was still wondering what had gone wrong." "She unexpectedly runs into an old crush and now must decide...which man deserves a second chance?"  Connie has always been one of Serenade's best customers.  We always joke that she is my Northern sales rep for Serenade.  Whenever she has a chance, she shares how she loves my soaps and soy candles. her book, and I quote " She used her favorite soap, which smelled like freshly picked lilacs.  She had found it at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, and continued to buy it online from the seller's website " "Serenade Products was the best, with hand-made, all natural merchandise." In her e-book there is even a live link to my website.  A complete surprise to me for which I am very grateful!  Connie lives in Zimmerman, Minnesota with her loving husband and 3 kids.  Connie's book, "Second Chances" can be purchased through her FB page (link below).


 Where can people find Serenade Natural Products?

{3:17} Vintage Furniture & Home Décor (Afton, MN)

Carver Junk Company (Carver, MN)

Eclectic 887 (West St. Paul, MN)

Grace & Co. (Mpls, MN)

Scout (Mpls, MN)

doodlebird Design & Gifts (Mpls, MN)

The Hair Mate Salon (Prior Lake, MN)

Spark Wellness Center (Mpls, MN)

Paeonia Floral (Robbinsdale, MN)

"Second Chances" A Novel By Connie Stephany 

Farm Girl Finds @ {3:17} Vintage


Joni Wright @ Farm Girl Finds 


Tell us a little about yourself...

1.  I live in Cottage Grove with my husband/ high school sweetheart of 46 years.  We adore our family of 3 daughters and spouses, 2 granddaughters, 1 grandson, and our spoiled cat Baby.

2.  I've been a booking agent for 17 years for an amazing Elvis impersonator (who just happens to be my son-in-law).

3.  I'm a BIG Bon Jovi, Foreigner, and Journey fan!  Going to concerts with my daughter and granddaughter makes three generations of fun!

4.  I enjoy creative writing, acrylic painting, decorating, and the challenge of making something out of just about nothing.  Retirement has given me the time to search for unique finds to decorate my own home and help others do the same.

5.  I'm a believer in second chances, from my long-time career in the corrections/ probation field, to saving castaway treasures on the curb.  Everyone and everything deserves another chance to uncover its hidden potential and beauty.

How did you get into this?

I began re-purposing in 1973, when we lost our home and all its contents in a fire.  The blessing was that my husband, baby, and I escaped within minutes of our lives.  Even with some insurance money, we weren't able to purchase new home furnishings.  So, out of necessity, I decided to try auctions and yard sales.  Well, let's just say, that's how I caught the junkin' bug...and there seems to be no cure! 

I hate to see anything go into the trash, unless absolutely necessary.  So, if I see something with potential for a longer life, I can't resist a rescue.  For years, I've enjoyed and admired the talents of others at craft/ junk/ flea markets.  Then, in retirement, I started thinking, why not me... maybe it's time I give it a whirl myself!

My hobby took a turn in the summer of 2013 when I became a vendor at {3:17}.  This opportunity has given me an outlet for my creativity and a venue for my wares.  Giving credit where much credit is due, without my skilled husband's help, this fun venture wouldn't be possible.

How would you best describe your style?

Growing up on a farm, I'm especially drawn to anything farmhouse and rustic.  But who knew the Scandinavian in me would also love fancy French?  I enjoy any unique decor that tells a story about the family living there.

Do you have any "go to" colors?

My favorites are the neutrals of white, cream, taupe, and gray, with accents of mustard and a splash of black.

What's your favorite "find" or transformation that you've done?

My favorite "save" was my church's unfixable, 1868 grand piano that was about to be put out to pasture (yep...a little farm girl slang).  Every piece of it is now being used and enjoyed in our home as a bookshelf, coffee table, and bench for extra seating!

Where else can people find you?

{3:17} Vintage Furniture & Home Decor (Afton, MN)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Elk Heart Design @ {3:17} Vintage

Heather Schuck @ Elk Heart Designs

Tell us a little about yourself...

"I live in St. Mary's Point (along the St. Croix River) with my partner of 15 years, Dustin, and our cute dog Arlo.  I have a degree in Interior Design and have always loved creating spaces that make people feel good.  I spend my 9-5's during the week as a visual merchandiser for designer showrooms but my weekends are spent searching for those special objects of the past and creating new items from the old!"

How did you get into this?

"I got my degree in Interior design in 2003 and I have kind of been building Elk Heart Design ever since."

How would you best describe your style?

"I'd say my style is shabby bohemian.  I Like objects of nature, rustic, feathers, rags, but in light, sort colors and mixing hard & soft textures. You can find a variety of items in my shops from a vintage cast iron shoe forms to handmade funky pillows."

Do you have any "go to" colors?

"My colors last year were a little more bright and eye catching, but for 2015... I’m going back to my personal likes of whites, grays, & creams."
What's one thing that you are probably best known for?
"I remodeled a 1965 vintage camper into a traveling boutique which I use during the summers to tour the Midwest selling at flea markets, fairs, and events.  People just love the vintage camper... I think it brings back memories for the old and wishes for the young!"

Where else can people find you?
{3:17} Vintage Furniture & Home Décor (Afton, MN)
Funktion Junktion